Web Designing

The term Web design is a vast area covering the various skills and disciplines and this is used in the production and maintenance of websites. The area of web design includes web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization. Some people will prefer to work in team to cover the different aspect of the designing process where as some designers will prefer to cover them all.

We at Global Net Technology Company in India offer a comprehensive website designing service which will cater to the small businesses and corporate organization. We have our expert professional team who are ready to help you in simple static website, a data base driven e-commerce package or custom web application development. We work closely with the clients while the web site development is going on so as to ensure that the client is completely satisfied. We take pride in the work done by us and assure you that your site will be of highest quality.

We at Global Net Technology Company in India have trained professionals who are efficient in offering the following services:-

  • 1. Static/ Dynamic/ Hybrid Design.
  • 2. Flash.
  • 3. E-Commerce.
  • 4. Blog/Banner/Logo
  • 5. Multimedia.
Static Web Design- The designing of a website is one of the easy way to show case your product or business online. The static website is preferred by people who need a substantially search engine friendly website. We help to deliver unique content for which the visitors are searching. The website helps in easily downloading images and browser compatibility. We help in easy navigation in having effective graphics and interactivity. The static website contains a site with the linked pages using font or graphics-based logo. It also contains text and simple graphics and interactivity. The website may include a number of pages with minimum script and HTML which greatly helps in SEO. Our professionals are expert in the work and the development technology is simple to use.

Dynamic Web Design- The content like online databases, e-business, private areas, knowledge base, a resume or jobs database, collaborative content, membership, online shopping site etc. The content that is changed by a program or script of the web page when the page is requested is a dynamic web page. These pages allow a user to set preferences regarding the kind of information to be displayed. Hybrid Web Design- All the websites does not follow a definite pattern. This web site is usually spawned for other website so as to enhance the visitors. The site can be the news site which might update it with the latest news updates or get the forums or group discussions centered around the main topic of the website.

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